Westermark (Vestermark ) Sweden

Westermark (Vestermark) Maurits, Nora Erika, Almar Germund, from Sorsele, Sweden

The family arrived on April 17, 1927 at the Port of Halifax on the ship DROTTNINGHOLM.

Swedish immigration to Canada began in the 1870s with the first rural Swedish colony, Scandinavia, near the town of Erickson in Manitoba. Originally named New Sweden, Scandinavia was established by three men who organized dwellings to house the first settlers.

Like their Scandinavian counterparts, Swedish immigrants first arrived and settled in the United States and then travelled north to settle in Canada. A large influx of Swedish immigrants from the states of Minnesota and North Dakota migrated to the Canadian Prairie provinces in the 1920s. At that time, the United States introduced an immigration quota and Canada became the destination of choice for Icelanders, Finns, Norwegians and Danes.

Winnipeg was the “Swedish capital of Canada” until the 1940s, when Vancouver took over the title. Although a considerable number of persons of Swedish origin live in Calgary and Edmonton and their environs, the Toronto area is currently home to the largest concentration of newcomers. Swedish heritage is visible in Canada with more than 175 place names of Swedish origin such as Upsala in Ontario, Stockholm in Saskatchewan, and Thorsby and Malmo in Alberta.
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