Cremation Burials

Glen Park Cremation Burials  must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The ashes of not more than four persons may be buried in a single plot where the plot is designated for the burial of ashes.
  2. The ashes of not more than three persons may be buried  in a plot designated and first occupied by the burial of human remains.
  3. Cremation burials between plots are not allowed; all burials must be in a plot.

Scattering of ashes is NOT permitted at Glen Park Cemetery, but if you wish to Scatter  cremated remains in other locations, these are the Alberta Guidelines:

There are no legal requirements to bury cremated remains following cremation, but there may be some restrictions on where cremated remains can be scattered. Scattering of remains is usually permitted on Crown and publicly owned lands. Permission must be obtained ahead of time in all cases.

In National Parks (e.g. Banff, Jasper), scattering cremated remains in water is prohibited, but remains can be “cast to the wind”.

In Provincial Parks, forests and wilderness areas (e.g. Kananaskis), scattering is allowed anywhere, but permission is required to scatter remains over lakes and rivers.

Some Municipalities allow the scattering of cremated remains in parks and golf courses, although there may be time and location restrictions.

Alternative Ways to Distribute Ashes

After cremation, all that usually remains of the body is 2 to 3 kilograms of bone fragments, course sandy material, and ash. These materials are pure and represent no health risk. You could:

– Keep them in an a beautiful urn – the choices are almost unlimited.
– Mix them with clay or concrete and make something – possibly a paving stone.
– Have them turned into a diamond.

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